• Please find below a list of frequently asked questions and answers

Q. When are the majors?

A. The Clubs major comps vary slightly each year in their timing but they are highlighted in the fixtures available on the club web site.

Q. Are there any midweek comps?

A. There are no official mid-week comps at present however over the last couple of years a Wednesday Clutch (9 holes) has been run.

Q. Are there any sub sections seniors, juniors, etc?

A. Currently there are no sub sections beyond the Men’s/Ladies and Mixed sections however the Club would be keen to support additional section such as the Seniors and Juniors moving forward.

Q. Are there any Team matches against other clubs, scratch team and B team?

A. The Club has a B team which plays in the Lincolnshire league. Again the Club would be happy to support a Scratch (A Team) if there was sufficient support.

Q. Are there any social events?

A. The Club normally has an active social calendar, The events are usually in the fixtures available on the web site, other events are advertised through social media/Pro Shop etc.

Q. Who are the Captains of the club?

A. The current Men’s Captain is Peter Reeves. The Ladies Captain is Kate Reeves. 

Q. If a player has a tee time in a competition, paired with another two players, only to find they then moved to play with another pairing who would mark their card if no other player was available – Would a marker from the club be made available?

A. The Pro Shop would arrange for a player to join the individual concerned and mark their card. Note: If no comp tee times are available it is possible to play later in the day with a partner(s), playing the same 18 holes, and submit a competition card.

Q. Are any club competitions drawn in order we can meet other players?

A. All Ladies comps are drawn except for Medals. A limited number of Men’s comps are drawn in 30 min slots.