Let's Explore Our Golf Course

Forest 1

View from the first tee. Tough driving hole with trouble down the left. Bail out right and you will be blocked out

Forest 2

View from the second tee. This shot requires a draw, as it’s a gentle dog leg from right to left, with bunkers down the right and trees down the left

Forest 3

The par 5 third, can present a birdie opportunity, but beware the ditch that runs down the left and infant of the green which is heavily protected by bunkers

Forest 4

A shot par 4 with a 90 degree dogleg left…. well protected on both sides by trees and bunkers… here is the approach you will have to the green after a perfect tee shot

Forest 5

View from the 5th tee, with out of bounds on the left and, trees and bunkers down the right, it’s a tight tee shot, but a good one will leave a chance to hit this scenic green in two… 

Forest 6

The par 3 6th requires a good tee shot to clear the water and find the green

Forest 7

the par 4 Seventh, needs a tight drive with a gentle draw to set up a nice approach onto a green that can be tricky to read

Forest 8

Another par 3, with arguable the biggest green on the front 9, don’t take what looks an easy hole for granted though…..

Forest 9

A tough hole, with out of bounds on the left and tell trees to the right, the trees come in as you near the green, which , depending on pin position can require lots of break to secure a good score

Pines 1

A par 5, where the white tee sits right outside the clubhouse. 

Pines 2

Tough par 4, dogleg right to a well protected green with bunkers short and anything long lucky not to be in the trees at the back

Pines 3

View from behind the green on this picturesque, long par 3

Pines 4

This par 4 requires a fade of the white tees and has out of bounds down the right, with trees and bunkers down the left…. stroke index 6 for a reason

Pines 5

Straight par 4. get your drive past the fairway bunker and you will have a relatively straightforward shot to a green, that can be fast and sloping in the summer

Pines 6

How this is stroke 18 is a mystery to many members, par 5 with water at 250 ish yards, depending on which tee box you play. a good drive and second shot can set up a birdie, but many a 7’s and 8’s are scored here too

Pines 7

Long par 3 over water to narrow green, take a par if offered to you! 😉

Pines 8

Par 5, that can be played many ways, with heavily protected green as this picture show. A true risk and reward hole.

Pines 9

A spectacular closing par 4 hole, with the green guarded by water down the left.

Beeches 1

A tough par 3 opening shot off the whites requires an accurate shot

Beeches 2

Dog leg right. The trick is to hit your tee shot far enough to get past the trees on the right to see the green, but too far will see you in the trees at the end of the fairway!

Beeches 3

A short par 4 with a sloping green. over the green is a no no

Beeches 4

A shortish par 5 or a very long par 4, depending on which tee box – straight down, but, walk off with a par and you are a relieved golfer!

Beeches 5

Par 4 requiring gentle draw off the whites, to leave an inviting approach to this well guarded green with bunkers front and back

Beeches 6

A par 5 which gives a chance to get a shot back, but, that all depends on if you get a decent tee shot away!

Beeches 7

Pretty Par 3, which looks simple from the tee, but beware the swirling wind making club selection difficult

Beeches 8

Tough par 4, reflected in the stroke index, which requires 2 good shots to get to the green, which is quite narrow. a par here is always a good score!

Beeches 9

A par 3 to finish which looks inviting from the tee, but beware a shot left of the green can be a scorecard wrecker!