Course Matters

Monday 30th January 2017 see course maintenance work begin that will have minor impact on members car park…

From Monday (30th) a small section of the golf car park will be closed off due to contractual works on the new 1st tee. It will be the top left section closest to the mound at the back of the 1st tee.

The contractors will use this as a loading area for materials to save time and travelling distance. It should only be for a couple of weeks and at the weekend we will minimise the area so it has least disruption. Sorry for any inconvenience caused

improvements on Forest 3rd and Pines 4th…

As promised, please find updated photo's of the alterations to the course, namely the 3rd ditch (Forest) and 4th tee (Pines).

as previously noted, our aim on the 3rd hole of Forest has been to re-build the two bridges , digging out the ditch to become a proper, defined hazard, putting in new sleepers, making the ditch double the depth and widening the hazard to give added protection to the 3rd Green.

3rd Forest

digger3rd ditch

working hard

3rd ditch workers

Finished result

3rd ditch finished

Regards the 13th tees (4th on Pines). Here we have re shaped the yellow and red tees on the right hand side making a bigger, drier and useable tee that looks good. we hope you can see the improvements on both of these holes, standby soon for information regarding changes to the 18th (9th Pines)

Thanks all

David Norton

Pines 4th Tee

13th tee alt

working hard

13th tee workers

Finished result

13th tee finished

Meanwhile..Fantastic improvements to the 18th Hole at Forest Pines announced.

We are delighted to announce improvements to the 18th Hole (Pines 9th), creating a memorable finishing hole of the Forest Pines course. This will create a great last impression for every golfer. Currently it could be considered an anti-climax to a golfer’s round and does not reflect the experience of the rest of the course.

Q- Why are we doing this?

The liner in the pond to the left hand side of the 18th green has developed a leak and the water is now about 18” too low, making it unsightly. The growth of reeds has also now increased as a result which makes the appearance even worse. These reeds cannot be removed as this would further damage the lining resulting in no water at all in the pond. If we top up the pond it only stays for a maximum of a week, therefore this is not a long-term solution.

In addition, the original design of the 18th green shows the pond curving out towards the approach bringing it more into play especially for a pin positioned on the left hand side of the green. When the golf course architect Tom McKenzie (an R & A advisor for ‘The Open’) was employed to look at the course he identified this as a particular area to redesign.

The water level of the pond (when full) is actually higher than the approach but is obscured from view by a grass mound and so it is a hazard which is hard to see. This has been highlighted by both the R&A and the PGA. It should be beyond all reasonable doubt to a golfer that a ball has entered a hazard. By shaping the pond across in front of the green it removes the mound and makes it easier for golfers to see.

A further problem at the moment is that the approach to the green drains poorly and looks unsightly - puddles form every time we have heavy rain. And finally, the green has a strange mound on the front right corner that spreads into the green preventing us from using at least 33% of the green for pin placements.

Q- What are we doing to address these issues?

Week commencing 14th March the following works will begin.

Step 1: Reshape and reline the pond adjacent to the 18th green.

Step 2: Remove the existing rockery and redundant waterfall, which will be replaced by a new aeration fountain.

Step 3: Sand cap and gravel band the approach to the 18th green and re-turf using ‘washed’ turf to maximise and improve the surface drainage.

Step 4: The Green - the front right section of the green will be lowered by approx 12” to 18’’. This will then allow several new exciting pin placements and the green will now extend slightly out towards the right to maximise the putting surface.

Step 5: The Mound on the front right hand side that currently extends into the green will be moved forward and out to the right by 4 to 5 yards. It will then slope down into the newly shaped apron allowing the increased putting surface to marry in to the green surround. This will allow for a ’bail out area’ for fairness of play as the pond has come further into play on the left.

Step 6: Re-turfing of the new located mounding to the front right of the green and re-turfing of the left hand side of green to the newly shaped pond.

The main works will take 2 to 3 weeks. In the short term during this undertaking a temporary green, 90 yards short of the current length of the hole, will be used to allow golfers to continue to finish the round.

As usual we will do everything we can to minimise disruption to your enjoyment whilst playing the course.

Once the work on the green is complete, it will take approximately 4 weeks for it to be back in play. It may be necessary for the new putting surface area to be marked as GUR for a little longer - this will allow you to continue to play to the green whilst protecting the new area.

The rest of the green surrounds and apron works will be in play as soon as the new turf allows and we may use GUR and drop zones to minimise the impact of this area being out play.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation whilst we undertake these exciting changes. We look forward to allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this greatly improved finish to your golf course.

David Norton